Bloopers & Water-Cooler Muse-ings!

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Bloopers & Water-Cooler Muse-ings!
"‎My first ever duo with Olivia, this gal is hilarious!! The client was kinda quiet so we where busting jokes back and forward to liven the mood, was a muggy hot day, and the ac wasn't on high enough.... Olly says "Jesus I'm sweating like a hooker in church" .. I literally LOL'd so hard that mid mount-'n-slide, I face plant into the clients crotch .. Good times lol ❤" ~ Dita
"At random times you can walk into the staff room & see girls doing squats & lunges. Gotta get that workout in somehow!" ~ Kyra
"‎One of the girls "donated" this hideous piece of folk art to the back room that has since become our mascot. It's a giant wooden penis that is elaborately painted and obviously hand carved. It's hanging on the wall. We like to periodically embellish it. Shanice always used to put the Mchappy meal dolls on it and make them sit on it which made them look like they were riding a giant penis rocket ship. For a while we attached some pom poms to it so it looked like it had fluffy testicles." ~ Angelina
"‎A squirting surprise! A client made me squirt once.. I still to this day have no idea how he did this! I can't even accomplish this on my own!!! Lol 
Anyways after it had happened I didn't realize it until he told me to watch my step and he carried me to dry land. Lol
I told the girls last night in the staff room and got high-fives all around lol
Yippie!" ~ Vanessa
"On one of my 1st shifts, there was a slow period in the evening, all the girls decided to play Charades! ‎It was so fun to see different sides of the staff's personalities!" ~ Azora
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