Muse memory lane 2nd edition

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So here is a story that still boggles our minds and makes us scratch our heads. Let's call this one manipulation X 2!

There once was a Muse...a petite brunette with charm, sexy appeal, creativity and a true gift for finding out what made each client tick. She was one of a kind to say the least.

In the staff room although she was well liked she kept to her self and focused on what she was there for - clients and income. She was always looking her best and completely focused on her clients and what she could do next to keep them wanting and coming back for more. She was one of our super stars who would generally come into her shift to a fully booked day.

She was a smart cookie ~ a university student and had plenty of goals.

This Muse worked for us for several years in which time both Emily and I had formed a relationship and a personal bond with her.

It wasn't until she had decided to move on from the industry that rumors started to surface that this particular Muse was a identical twin and BOTH sisters had worked for us on and off for all of those years.  At first we chalked it up to rumor (which there is always a lot of any time someone moves on) but then as the rumor continued to gain speed we started to wonder could it be true? This Muse that we had come to know was certainly bright and if anyone could pull that off it would be her.

Some of the other staff were suggesting they knew something was up all along. There were occasions during duos or Mixers that they would notice one day she was right handed and another she was left. Or that one had a birth mark on her hip and the other didn't.

Suspense of knowing the truth finally got to us and I decided to reach out to her and ask the question.

I think the start of my text msg read something along the lines of...
"Im sure this sounds crazy but I just have to ask"

Well in the end she was able to finally put the rumor to rest.. YES she was in fact an identical twin and both of these ladies had been employed by us.

How could these sister successfully pull this off? I mean this isn't just the regular switch off for a school test or date. This was a long period of time in which both of these girls had to maintain very personal and intamate relationships with clients. We later found out a bit more detail such as, they would keep a journal between them to keep track of important conversations either one of them had with other staff,managers,us and especially clients.

If twin A had a deep conversation or super steamy session with a particular client twin B would have to pick that up where her sister left off.

Were these two ladies geniuses/master manipulators..I'd say a bit of both.

Like most identical twins I'm sure a level of this manipulation is normal. Hell that's part of the fun of being a twin but what these two pulled off goes down as the most EPIC trick I have ever heard of or experienced personally.

I'm sure your all now wondering who this story is about and who is the Muse I'm speaking about.

My lips are sealed!






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