pillow talk with Hunter

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Pillow talk with Hunter

Favourite physical feature:My natural long hair. Whether worn curly or straight it gives me the amount of sexy confidence I need to strut my stuff! It also helps as a great sensual massage tool 

3 muses duo/ mixer: 
I've only been at muse a short time now but Molly sure knows how to set the mood in session! I love to mix our sexual styles as domme and sub duo! Tiffany is another favourite of mine, she's shown me tricks of the trade I would have never imagined! She always makes fun use of positions and furniture! Azora is my go to girl! She's always down for a wild card session and with her creative style and soft spoken voice I almost forget we have company in the room with us, she's a adventurous soul and I love every minute in session with her!

3 to do a duo with : I'd love a chance to see some Bella booty! She's gorgeous and a wild card!  Dita and Kendra are two other girls  with a similar look to my own that would make for a chance to play out a sexy triplet fantasy!  

Naughty thing to do in session: 
Tease. Yes I am! I love to use mirror play and angles to accentuate my long fit and slim body.

Fave Sexy thing to wear: 
Anything revealing and red! With my exotic long black hair, I love to play up the black widow appeal!

Panties or commando: 
Commando isn't an option, it's a way of life.

Favourite work out: 
I've undergone a major body change in the recent years and the one thing that saved me was dancing. Moving to a rhythm, dancing has always been a part of my life whether for fun or as part of off ice training for figure skating. If there's music on, I'll be moving!

Nightly attire: 
Oversized Tshirt and a high 80's styled pony tail.

Favourite thing about being a muse: 
You never know who's going to walk through the door, the stories and things I've learnt from the men who visit muse are always intriguing and a great laugh! Learning about their interests and views on life helps a small town girl like me grow as a person, it's something I can't thank them enough for.


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