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QUESTION: I was out the other night and thought I saw a Muse. I wanted to say hi, but I wasn't sure if I should. Advice? 
From Anon.
ANSWER: Your inclination was right, Anon! Despite the fact that this Muse likely thinks you're lovely, approaching her while out and about may have been inappropriate. Generally speaking, if you think of another job that involves interacting personally with clients, one should theoretically have a break from these client interactions while not working. In our case, separating work from personal life can be complicated when the work one does is so intimate, and at Muse the attendants really put 100% into our sessions. So that said, it's important that the Muses are able to have some self care time when not working, in order to rejuvenate and be ready for the next shift. 
The second consideration would be that this Muse may have been out with someone or waiting to meet up with someone with whom she does not feel comfortable sharing her identity as a MPA.  Unfortunately, many of our lovely ladies here at Muse (and in the spa industry more generally) are not able to be forthright with everyone in our lives about what we do. Of course, the discretion with which most of us must conduct ourselves regarding our work as MPAs is NOT a problem with us, but with the conservative sexual attitude that permeates our society and regulates our behavior as 'good Canadian citizens'.  As if being shunned by our loved ones and seen as lower than them simply because offer jobs is not enough, we also may be barred from various future employment opportunities, despite being fully licensed by the City to practice Body Slides at a fully licensed facility. Until society as a whole can admit that people are sexual and every action we take is immersed in capitalist transactionality, MPAs must hide this facet of our lives from some (if not all) of the people that we meet. 
Thanks, anon, I wish I had a more positive answer for your question! Maybe someday I will
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Your Muse, 
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