Pillow Talk with Diana

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Q: What's your signature move?

I give an excellent foot rub. I make my own massage oils. I have one that's great for soreness, it's just amazing on feet. I love touching somewhere that's not just really intimate, but also often ignored and in need of attention. It's a perfect interlude in between teasing, or at the end of a session to wind down, and it's good to know I've left someone feeling relaxed and wonderful in every way I can. 
You wanted a sexy move? 
Oh, I do all kinds of fun things, but I'm terrible at dirty talk, so you'll never hear about them from me.


Q: What do I really like/dislike about your body and want to talk about it in a way that's not offensive to you, help?

There's a lot of awkwardness sometimes when talking about 'bigger' girls. You want to be accurate, and maybe you also love that she looks like that, but you don't want to insult her. People seem to default to curvy, which is fine, but there's lots of other words out there. Some of them are excellent! Here are some words that I like and if you meet me and feel that they apply, please use them: 
Plump, plush, zaftig, pawg, buxom, curvacious, hearty (like a pirate!), voluptuous, full-figured, ample, well-rounded, stacked, statuesque, curvesome, well-padded.


Q: So, nerd, what's your name from?

Well, when I first started working I had been going to pick Jessica, for the character from the classic science fiction novel Dune, which was probably a bit presumptuous of me but luckily no one had to call me on it as there was already a Jessica working at that spa. So I picked Diana because of Wonder Woman, something I'm equally glad no one has called me on as I know next to nothing about the character. If I could choose again, I would pick Cordelia, and I have a prize for anyone who knows what science fiction novel I'm getting that from.

Why aren't you answering the same questions as the other girls? Are you too good for their questions, huh?

Not good enough! My answers were boring, and wouldn't let me lecture or work in my enthusiasm for the romanticized notion of pirates (yo-ho!). Three of my answers are basically just the word Butt! The other answers, in no particular order, are: Onyx, Cleo, and Azora, panties, gardening, also panties, haven't done enough to know, and oh look the answer's panties again.

I'm detecting a theme here... 
Hey, I like what I like! ;)

Q: What would you love to do in a session but haven't ever been asked to?

Bring my art supplies and create a painting or chalk drawing (probably several of these, they're fast) of your or another muse's nude body. I have lots of life drawing experience, my artistic eye is better than photoshop, it would be amazing. I gotta post more stuff up on Twitter, maybe someday someone will ask for it.


Q: What did you do for the first time in session that you never expected to enjoy?

Foot fetish! I've never dated anyone who was into feet so I never really understood it as a fetish, it seemed like such a non-sensual thing. But then one day someone sucked on my toes and I was like "OOOoooOoohhh! " and then he put them on his #&*/ on my feet and I was like "heeeeeeeey" and that was when I added foot rubs to my massage. Feet are so sensitive and intimate and individual, and there's something special about paying attention to a person's feet. I know there's more to it for most fetishists, but I finally got a part of the appeal- and realized it was something I love being the object of.


Q: How would you describe your sessions?

I'm naturally very quiet and sensual and affectionate, so that's usually how things start out. But I love connecting with someone and figuring out what makes them tick sexually, so I'm always watching reactions and trying to figure out what will turn your crank. I do tend to reflect the energy of my partner- if you're quiet and relaxed, I will be as well, and if you want a high-intensity romp then you'll need to bring some of that energy yourself.


Q: Anything else you want to say?

Please check out my Twitter @dianabynight for regular updates on my tomato plants.



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