We are accomplished women

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Women of our industry are often misunderstood and under-rated.  Dont get it twisted, these ladies are accomplished, ambitious, driven, hard working and WE think they are pretty phonomenal!


Over the years we have met so many different women with different goals and needs but they all have the same common thread...and that is determination.


"There is no equal force to that of a determined woman"

"She was unstoppable. Not because she did not have failures or doubts. But because she continued despite them" 


Working at Muse helped me buy a house, car AND get my boobs done!! Jett

Being a Muse has allowed me to become debt free and save for nursing school. Vanessa

Being a Muse has allowed me to put myself through the first 3 years of my bachelor's degree without any external aid and will allow me to graduate debt free, which is a nice bonus. It's also given me the opportunity to explore and experiment with my sexuality in a safe and open environment. Angelina

Working at muse allowed me to save my home. Only a short time ago I was in a position to lose it. Kyra

Working at muse help me set up and open my own business. Ariel

So far with working at Muse I have
1. Paid off my credit card

2. Saved money to go traveling in central America in the new year

3. Gained more confidence as a sexual woman and giver of pleasure.

4. Explored my own sexuality discovering likes and dislikes through hands on experience. :)

5. Gained some solid girlfriends who understand me in a way that most people in society are closed minded about.




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