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A collection of stories, funnies, superstitions, trials, tribulations, habits, & hassles
Jett - "‎Here's a Superstition for you: when the first walk in of the day stays, it's going to be a busy day all day for everyone!! - #spagirlproblems "
Sarita - "‎Promising you're starting a diet today & then 5 minutes later having clients bring us boxes of donuts #spagirlproblems "
‎Olivia - "Losing my undies when I decide to wear them. Misplacing my shoes. lol. Stuff like that happens a lot. I believe if I'm in the same room I get ready in all day, my day will be better. Also, I tend to get to work super early listen to music to get me pumped for the day. I usually use room 3 I have an attachment to that room lol. - #spagirlproblems "
‎Kimberly - "Once on my way to work I was carrying a million bags (as per usual #spagirlproblems). I dropped one on the subway and out rolled lube and a stripper shoe! Many people saw, some smirked as I shoved them back in my purse as quickly as possible. I didn't notice but when I stuck my arm back in the bag a lacy thong and fishnet stocking stuck to the velcro on the cuff of my winter jacket, which stayed that way for three more stops until I realized!! Just had to laugh it off at that point there was no hiding it lol! "
‎Jayden - "One of my fav's is when him and i are doused in oil when suddenly my hair starts falling loose from it's pony tail and it sticks to my face and gets in his mouth when we try to make out lol ahhh worst. #spagirlproblems "
Dita - "‎#Spagirlproblems; trying to pay for Tims coffee with a $100 bill  "
‎Diana - "little things in my life that have changed since the days when I worked retail...

Like not being able to recognize people when they're wearing clothes. 
And my underwear budget going from $50/year to $50/month. 
The dozen bottles of body spray I have that are almost but not quite used up.
The constant experimenting with cream and razors to find the combination  that will give me the best shave.

There are some upsides though- I get more exercise now, doing 'spa squats' (a Russian finish with a client well-endowed enough I have to move my body up and down) and 'spa laps' (Walking up and down the hall to say hi)‎ #spagirlproblems "

‎Alyssa - "Being single and still having to shave all winter.... brrrr #spagirlproblems 
Is that lotion in your hair?... or,  ewweee #spagirlproblems
What? I eat a lot of spinach. #popeyeforearms #spagirlproblems ‎"
Hunter - "‎When you leave work and you realize that last client you had smelled amazing, and his cologne is left lingering in your hair! #strandsniffer #spagirlproblems "
Adara - "Don't count your money too early in a shift, it will curse the day into a slow day. It's a real thing! Lol #spagirlproblems
When you're trying to lose weight & clients bring doughnuts! #spagirlproblems "
‎A former Muse - "#spagirlproblems When you reach into your purse and you never know what you will find...panties, stockings, vibrators, lol!"
‎Ariel - "#spagirlproblems The most annoying part of a session is if the music cuts out and it is dead silence. Some clients don't notice it and still go on enjoying their time, which is awesome!!! and others loose their libido sometimes and then you have to start up again :( It's even worse when you hear the next room beside you or the vacuum that is being used outside the door ahahahahaha! That always starts up an interesting conversation like "so ... Yeah I have never finished to vacuum music... it is kind of hard to get off to that sound, but let's try!"... Hahahahhahahahaha but, when the music is on, it is all good, all day!"
Cleo - "When you would actually love to go on a date with a client but he has a wife and kids 
#SpaGirlProblems "
‎Kyra - "That dreaded time when your in the middle of your shift and your period arrives. #spagirlproblems "
Farah - "‎#spagirlproblems - Developing a good friendship/conversation with a client, but ultimately still seen as a whore. 
‎My feet tickle, so it's hard not to kick with my foot in their mouth lol "
‎Vanessa - "When the client is so hot and you're in a mixer, not wanting to leave! lol this happened to Molly and I. He kept spanking us and we so didn't want him to stop lol #spagirlproblems 
#spagirlproblem - When another girl goes into your session by accident and the client doesn't protest until you intervene politely‎. "
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