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Q: Is height a deal breaker for most taller girls?  Are average height guys still sexy too or would you always prefer the taller guy?
Also I don't understand why the heel thing is such a big deal like it's sexy when my girl wears them but some girls are totally against being taller than their boyfriends EVER.  Don't understand it especially when a lot of these guys are really really fit and muscular... Like nobody's looking and caring either way lol
From Mr. M
A: Yes Mr. M, average height guys are still sexy! A lot of girls prefer their man to be taller than themselves, but I have found that this is more related to a desire for sexual assertiveness than to a desire for their guy to actually be significantly taller. Often, as many shorter people can likely confer, shorter people are assumed to be less aggressive or meeker than taller people.  In my opinion, this is especially detrimental for men, as masculinity is dependent on appearing 'tough' 'aggressive' and 'confident'.  I really think wearing heels is a statement made by a woman for herself, and shouldn't have anything to do w her partner. 
I also agree with you that a guy who takes care of himself physically is more appealing than a guy who is simply tall with few other redeeming qualities. Additionally on that point, the practices of personal hygiene and grooming are far less superficial qualities than height, as they involve maintaining a commitment to practices that indicate a concern for your own health and the health of your partners, rather than simple genetic luck. 
Ultimately, I really believe that chemistry supersedes height and most other superficial qualities as a determining factor for sexual attraction.  As well someone who would be so shallow as to not give a guy a chance due to his height has problems that run deeper than you would want to know anyway!
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