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Q: Although I don't expect you divulge any names, do you or any of the other Muses see many "celebrities" or well known local personalities as clients? If so, from what line of work are they from ... Politics, sports, arts & culture? 
How does (or would) it make you feel to do a session with someone famous? 
Does management handle these clients any differently from the "regulars"?
A client from DC who visits Toronto often
A: Absolutely! We see many local and internationally recognized celebrities at Muse. They of course prefer to be as discreet as possible, but yes we see clients from all lines of work from sports to entertainment to very successful creative and business people. 
Personally, it wouldn't have a drastic effect on me seeing someone famous, unless they are known for something bad! I am much more concerned with my clients' comfort, relaxation, and enjoyment of our time together than I am of their position in life. Additionally, good looks, money and charm does not equal good sensual chemistry! 
Muse takes discretion very seriously, and many of our 'celebrity' clients are more concerns with this than the average person. In this way, management will offer celebrities a slightly different treatment. That said, any client wishing us to take extra precautions to ensure discretion is most certainly accommodated. Overall, Muse management treats all polite and respectful clients with fairness and politeness, regardless if they had to save for weeks for their session or they are a billionaire passing through on a whim. The relationships we build at Muse are the most important aspect of our business, not the status or bank accounts of our clients.  


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