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Growing up in high school (where it was all boys and mostly Italian/Portuguese) I'd say 80 to 90 percent of the guys were NOT circumcised and I included myself in that number as well.  I use to hear horror stories from girls saying how it wasn't clean and gross... smelled bad and etc. etc.  The girls I was with sexually never mentioned anything.  Fast forward and I'm now 22 and cut (had to for medical reasons) and NOW I get compliments all the time from women about my penis.  I was always bigger than average but now the girls really notice and compliment all the time.  I've even had this conversation with female friends and my sister and they all kinda prefer it cut even though they don't really care too too much.  So I guess my question is this... Do women think that uncut is less clean and truly doesn't look as nice? And is this part of what women would label as "good hygiene" I.e. IF you DO have an uncut penis it should be well kept which according to my doctor means washing at least 2 times a day to avoid bacteria, disease, smell, etc.  I doubt most guys do that and he agreed with me so just wondering what your general thoughts are Onyx!


Thanks for your question John! 
First and foremost I want to say that although I really like penises, I don't have one, so I am speaking from a certain distance on this matter. But I'm glad you asked about this because it's a good opportunity to broadly state that there are a LOT of nerve endings in the foreskin. I know many men who wish that they still had a foreskin and the sensations that come with it, but they were circumcised at too young an age to make their own decision about it. So generally it's good to keep in mind when discussing or thinking about foreskin the possibilities of pleasure that it offers. 
In my experience, many heterosexual women are not keen on penises for their aesthetic qualities, but more for their 'skills' if you will ;) But I have also heard a lot of people talk about - as you mentioned - a preference for the look of a circumcised penis. But what about that fact that most foreskin peels back to accommodate erection?  In these instances, an uncircumcised penis has the same aesthetic appearance as one that is circumcised, but with potentially more skin to move up and down the shaft. So, in addition to having more highly sensitive skin in the foreskin and appearing circumcised when erect, an "uncut" penis has more skin and as such can have less friction during the up and down motion that so many of you gentlemen enjoy.  
Now onto your subject of cleanliness. The most important thing to remember about the cleanliness factor regarding circumcision is that as a practice it is associated with a much different time and place in which hygiene was not as accessible or well understood as it is here and now. Everyone should wash themselves as a general rule, and I think that when you speak about most guys not being able to keep up with cleaning their foreskin properly it speaks to larger hygiene issues rather than a problem with foreskin particularly. Personally I have found that the presence of an unappealing odor has no direct relation to the presence of a foreskin; just as many stinky and/or dirty people are circumcised as are not. 
On another note, the presence of foreskin means that the part of the penis it usually covers is a mucosal membrane, much like some parts of the vulva and vagina. As a part of the extra sensation these areas offer us, they also are more sensitive and are less of a barrier to certain bacteria than the tougher skin on our arms or legs. All the more reason to keep ourselves clean and enjoy the comfort that sexual protection offers. 
Overall, it's my opinion that our genitals should not ever be cut without our consent, and no perceived relaxation of bathing or sexual protection measures is worth giving up the pleasure offered by that little extra skin!
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