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Q: I had another question for the Muse blog. When I lived in Canada (not Toronto), I visited a massage studio with similar services as Muse and had seen attendants come and go over the years while I was a client. On one of my visits, a woman who I knew quite well was introduced as a "new girl" among the attendants. Needless to say, it was a surprise for both of us!
Has this type of situation happened to you or any of the other Muses where someone you know in your normal daily life came in as a client? What are your immediate feelings ... Embarrassment, dread, excitement, humor? If they requested a session with you, would you decline? If you did perform a session with him, how did it impact your "normal life" interactions with him afterwards ... more distant, more connected, no difference?
FYI, this girl I knew worked there for about 6 months and I initially did not request a session with her. We knew each other as members of the same sports team in an amateur league. In that time, we acted "normal" but I personally sensed some distance between us. A few months later during a spa visit, I explained to the manager that I was interested in a session with her (she was beautiful) but did not want her to feel obligated to do so and would be content with my regular girl. As it turned out, she walked into the room that evening. We actually spent a lot of the session just talking and laughing which made the "happy ending" less awkward for both of us. After that one and only session, our normal social life was just that, normal with no further acknowledgment of that "business intimacy".
Does this seem typical?
A client from DC who visits Toronto often
A: Someone who I went to university with came in once to meet the attendants. I happily introduced myself as though we had never met, and he looked very embarrassed. He did what I assume he thought was the polite thing by meeting the remaining attendants, but he left rather quickly without staying for a session. Although I would not have been interested in having a session with him that day, I felt that I may have been the reason he left without having a massage.  Upon recognizing the embarrassment on his face, I felt similar for a moment before realizing that our embarrassment was a direct result of the shame enacted on my profession by society. That really snapped me out of it and I  remembered that this job is just one of the many things that I do, and I'm incredibly lucky as a young woman in a rather depressing economy and political climate to enjoy my job! I'm the happiest and sexiest I've ever been in my whole life, but perhaps ironically I'll never know what this acquaintance of mine really thought in that moment.  
A decision to offer my services to someone I already know would be dependent on each relationship specifically, and ultimately on that other person's particular beliefs and politics, as well as respect. Nonetheless, I have yet to have a session with someone I knew outside of the spa going in, and the aforementioned story is my only experience with someone familiar coming in to Muse when I was on shift and available. 
I think it's great that you didn't pressure your acquaintance to have a session with you, that would have made your friendship very awkward or ruined it altogether. I think that showing respect for the girl and realizing you are both in the same place for the same purpose allows an existing relationship to stay positive beyond the massage table. Although I have only had this one experience, it does seem to me that the longer one works in erotic services the more likely they are to bump into someone they know. Many people I have worked with have had similar situations to the ones that you have described above, so I would say that yes it is somewhat typical. I would also add that because my tattoos make me very recognizable via my profile online, people can more readily avoid bumping into me at the spa should they so choose. Other MPAs are able to and want to be somewhat unrecognizable on their online spa profiles, which would inevitably increase the possibility of surprise meetings. 
Ultimately, it's important to remember that being an MPA is a difficult career choice due to the shaming via both media representations and through our formal governing and legal systems. Unlike most other career choices, providing any kind of erotic service becomes deeply associated with our identities beyond our job. As this association can be quite negative, many erotic service providers put significant thought into who in the 'straight world' they tell about their vocation. So I would advise everyone to keep this in mind if you bump into someone you know from the 'straight world' in a spa; similarly to issues of privacy among clients, many MPAs have serious and legitimate concerns about discretion that clients should be able to understand and respect. 
Hope I answered your question, DC!
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