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Hi Onyx,
I had a few questions. I understand the two basic rules (no bjs, no sex) but what other do's and don'ts are there? I'm a newbie so I don't know what boundaries are expected, either for conversation or otherwise.
Thanks Newb, you're on the right track! Just asking this question  shows you have an ideal attitude of respect toward the MPA you will end up selecting. The truth is, every MPA has her own unique boundaries and style, so there isn't a simple or easy answer to your question. 
The best thing you can do is communicate with your attendant, and try and understand how important it is to respect her choices as a professional. As much as your MPA is providing you an amazing service, her boundaries in your sessions are based on her personal safety, and comfort. Let her know what you would like from the session, and find out what she is comfortable with, and she will surely show you the same respect. At any time you can ask, "is this ok?" Or I would recommend having a quick chat before getting started or during the initial few minutes of your session about her and your expectations and limits. The most important thing is to keep in mind that both your and your MPA's boundaries will likely evolve as you get to know one another better, but as professionals we know what is best for ourselves, and what we are comfortable with at any given time. A lot of the flow of a session depends on comfort, but it's also difficult to know the tastes and preferences of someone you've spent only a few minutes with! Communication ultimately helps both of you to get the most out your time together. 
On a slightly different note, my other advice to you Newb is to use the intimate connections and relationships you build at the massage spa to explore your sexuality and enrich your life! Erotic massage is really unique in that you can build and cultivate relationships based on direct communication, intimacy and trust, so it is really the perfect atmosphere to try new things and enjoy yourself. As MPAs, we are professionals who provide a really special service. And as much as we do have certain boundaries, there are also a lot of possibilities within them. If there's something you've always been nervous to ask your girlfriends to do with you, bring it up to your MPA! The chances are high you'll get a positive reaction and an opportunity to try whatever it is you're curious about. Thank you for your question, Newb, and I look forward to seeing you at Muse in the future! 
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