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Some words from our staff about working at MUSE: 

- "1. My favourite thing about working at muse is being surrounded by supportive and amazing people! The clients at Muse are a cut above the rest, and always make sure we are having fun too! And the girls I work with, including management are all girls I would be friends with if I met them outside of here! 2. I had no experience in this industry, and was really scared to enter into it, I did my research and it seemed like Muse was a more female positive environment. The photos weren't airbrushed and I could tell they appreciate each girls unique qualities! I loved that it was female run and when I emailed and phone them, everyone seemed really welcoming, I wasn't wrong! :) " - Molly

- "1- the girls! 

2- women owned! " - Vanessa

- "1. meeting new people, the other girls, the constant food.. which is also a #spagirlproblem when you're trying to be fit 

2. read an article online. flexibility & adventure seeking!" - Sarita

- "What I like most about working at Muse.....

I love the fact that it's a female run spa, everyone here is more like a family. It's nothing but laughs and a good time every shift. No matter how down you are, there's always one or more of the ladies trying to cheer you up. There's never any cattiness! Nothing but love. 

It's a very clean and safe place to be. I simply just enjoy being here!! ❤" - Tasha

1. My absolute favourite thing about working at Muse is that I get to make someones day. It's the best feeling in the world!

2. I actually came into this industry by fluke, I met with Emily to discuss other work. She mentioned the massage job briefly. I was curious.Five months later I decided to hop on board, try it out not knowing what I was really getting into. And never looked back. I love every aspect of it. The people I have met, the time flexibility to focus on other life goals, and of course the money. I actually discovered I have a bit of a fetish with getting paid to be naughty ;) " - Alyssa

My fave thing about working at muse is the fact that we can wear whatever we want so we feel confident and comfortable. What brought me to muse was an impressive ad and prompt replies from you when I applied. Ultimately decided to try it out because the place is clean and classy, and I got a good vibe during my interview :)" - Jewel

I love working at muse with all the girls! Team work makes the dream work and we are like one big lovely family. 2. Joined muse to pay for school and jump start my own business." - Ariel

1.My favourite thing about working at Muse is the flexibility it offers. I have many goals and aspirations, and being able to make my own schedule at a place I enjoy working affords me the time and energy to pursue my other goals. Since starting at Muse, I have completed my masters degree, completed training and started my own business as a Fascial Stretch Therapist, become a personal trainer and self defense teacher, and began a new life with my amazing husband. It's also great to go to work and be surrounded by so many beautiful and inspiring women. The Muses are a really unique and special group that I'm glad to be part of. Everyone brings something different to the spa, and we help each other in so many ways. 

2. My reason for coming to Muse is threefold. Firstly, I met someone who worked there at a time when I had been working for little gain in the retail industry for close to fifteen years. I looked at her paycheque and then at mine, and said to myself 'why am I still letting myself be undervalued and exploited? It's been fifteen years and I am busting my ass as a manager but still barely clearing minimum wage.' The reasons I was staying in retail--hope and comfort--began to feel far less important than the fear of trying something new. 

Secondly, I have always been curious about the sex industry since I became interested in sexuality. I had been approached several times by romantic partners, friends, and acquaintances inviting me to try varying forms of sexual service work, but despite my curiosity none of them really felt like a good fit. However, after ten years of pondering what it would be like to be an erotic service provider, the sudden discovery of Muse seemed both well timed and appealing. As I spoke more to my friend about her job at Muse, my introverted nature seemed less of an obstacle than I had thought. I realized after starting to work as a Muse that my ability to connect deeply and exchange energy with people actually made my personality perfect for erotic massage. 

Lastly, I had a professional interest in working in erotic service from an academic perspective. During my final years in undergraduate studies I came across a large body of literature concerning sex work that deeply intrigued me. This literature wasn't a group of anthropologists and sociologists talking about prostitutes, but people working in the sex industry speaking about their experiences as experts of their own lives. I was inspired. I realized that working in the sex industry didn't mean that I had to be ashamed, and reading about the lives of sex workers in a credible and thoughtful academic context. If I tried this work that I had actually always wanted to do, it wouldn't change who I was as an academic or as a woman. I subsequently went on to write my masters thesis on the possibilities this new boom in experiential academic literature on sex work has created within other subfields of sexuality studies." - Onyx


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